Realty Nation Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I join or get more information?

Complete this form or contact us at (210)-563-3300.

What type of license do I need?

Agents interested in joining Reit Group Realty must possess an active Texas Real Estate License in good standing.

What are the payment methods you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, and ACH bank withdrawls through our payment authorization form.

Are you the right Real Estate brokerage for me?

Depends….Do you like getting all of your commission? Do you like saving thousands of dallars? If so then we may be the right brokerage for you!

How do I get paid for commission earned?

Using Backagent and provided all of the required documents are turned and checked for correctness and completed a commission disbursement authorization (CDA) is sent to the title company. You will receive a check or wire after funding directly from the title company..

Do you have offices or places to meet clients?

No. This is how Realty Nation can keep the overhead costs low and provide 100% commission to agents. Many agents will meet their clients at local coffee shops or restaurants. Almost all title companies and mortgage lenders will let you use a spare office or conference room to meet clients.

What are the requirements to join Reit Group Reakty

Reit Group Realty is looking for agents that:

  • Maintain and possess an active real estate license in Texas.
  • Are ethical, hardworking, and driven
  • Are in good standing with TREC and TAR
  • Experienced Agents must have been active for 2 years concurrently prior to joining and completed 5-10 transactions in the chosen area of practice.
Does Realty Nation offer training?
We are working on a training academy website that will offer online videos, webinars, and online reading materials. You can always call or Text our brokers.
How soon can I start with Realty Nation??

It typically takes about two business days to get onboarded.

When is the monthly payment due?

All payments are due at the first of the month, and charged automatically via credit/debit card or ACH. Accounts must be current or your sponsorship will be sent back to TREC rendering your license inactive.

Can I work part-time?

Reit Group Realty can work part-time as we don’t have quotas sort to speak of. We do require our agents to have at least 2 transactions per year and encourage you to actively practice so that you stay in the know in the Real Estate industry..

Are meetings required?

No meetings are not required. If Reit Group Realty needs to share anything with our agents then we will email you the information. We do host training and social events and will have meetings from time to time using an online meeting platform that you can attend in your jammies if desired.

Do we receive broker support?

Reit Group Realty Agents will have access to the broker, seven days a week. At Reit Group we play an active role in our agent’s success and encourage agents to reach out with questions. We’re also building an online education portal that will have videos, webinars, and frequently asked questions.

Does Reit Group Realty provide leads?

Yes and No…We provide leads to agents, but don’t guarantee the quality of the lead. Leads provided may be subject to broker referral. Agents should be able to generate business and actively grow their businesses.

What states is Reit Group Realty in?

Currently Reit Group Realty is located and sponsoring in Texas. Reit Group is looking at other states for future expansion.

Can I negotiate my commission with clients?

The choice is yours as we charge monthly, and you receive 100% of your commission. We encourage you to negotiate with your clients but don’t sell yourself short.

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